Apartment prices per two persons

Apartment number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 10
Area in square meters 47 47 34 56 44 38 36 24
Number of rooms 3 2 2 3 2 2 2 1+S
Number of beds 4 4 2 2 4 4 2 2
1 day 180 € 160 € 140 € 180 € 160€ 160 € 140 € 180 €
Additional days 70 € 60 € 50 € 70 € 60 € 60 € 50 € 70 €
1 week 600 € 520 € 440 € 600 € 520 € 520 € 440 € 600 €
Additional weeks 490 € 420 € 350 € 490 € 420 € 420 € 350 € 490 €
Extra charge for additional persons per day.
1st day 40 €, add. days 20 €, children under 12 yrs 1st day 20 €, add. days 10 €
Extra cleaning 50 € per apartment


The apartments #1 and #2, and the apartments #4 and #5 can be connected with an internal door. Apartment #7 is in a separate building.

The prices include electricity, the use of a rowboat and one turn in the sauna per week. Sauna reservations should be made one day ahead of time. All the prices include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices.


All the apartments have a balcony or a garden, their own entrances, ventilation, central heating and good soundproofing. Each apartment also has a bathroom, a washing machine, a dishwasher, an electric stove, a refridgerator, a microwave oven, a television set, tableware, bed linen and a telephone. The whole interior is first-rate. There is a great view to the Puujärvi lake from all the apartments and the buildings are located only 30 meters from the shore of the lake.


The reservation/cancellation fee is 25% of the whole reservation price, which is credited in the final payment. The payment has to be paid within three bank days to our account, with IBAN number FI2722901800065016 in Nordea Bank, Finland (SWIFT-code NDEAFIHH). After the payment has been done, the reservation is binding on both parties. The rest of the payment must be paid two weeks before the first reservation day, or when making a later reservation, the full payment needs to be paid on the same day. In group reservations, a maximum of 10% shortage in the number of actually attending people can be compensated. For a justified reason, the inn can switch the agreed apartment to another apartment of the same quality. The same applies to the conference and festivity spaces.


In summer time, the apartments are mainly hired out weekly, in which case the apartment is at your disposal from Friday 4pm to the next Friday 10am. Weekend reservations are made normally from Friday 4pm to Sunday 6pm. Other reservations are agreed upon separately.

You should inform your host of your exact arrival time. In case your arrival is delayed by half an hour or more, it is a good idea to call again and set a new meeting time. This way you can make sure that the reception will be open and you will get the key to your apartment. The charge for a lost or unreturned key is 80 Euro.

Only the reserved number of people may reside in the apartments. If the apartment is damaged or the movable property is lost or damaged during the stay, the maker of the reservation must compensate for the damage.